I tiptoed to this place

Full of wonder and wild grace

I passed by so many others

Inherited sisters and brothers

This kingdom has come

His will has been done

The red blood flowed

And made a way for me to be known

I run pure and free

And he truly sees me

This is better than I ever dreamed

A wonderful fairytale is what it seemed

Intentional messy love for me

Has set my destiny

Sealed by scars and a battered brow

I am my beloved’s now.


voiceYou have a voice

Broken battered and torn

you rise from the ashes

and behold there is beauty

to tell others this story

is your God given duty

you were a slave

a captive to things of the dark

you walked in lonely places

and experienced horrible things

but you met a savior

who has given you wings

You have a voice

There is a girl waiting

She is waiting to hear

She is hoping for a cure

A little girl so afraid

So unsure

Open your mouth

Whisper it

Find the words

Say it

Shout, Let it out

It is the hope she has dreamed about

It was him

It IS him

He was born,


bled, died

He was crucified

He came back

He came for her

She is his world

She is his

He fought and he won

And he is the holy son

You can tell her

You have a voice

She is rescued from the cave

No longer a slave to that grave

Find the words somehow

It’s time to speak now.



My feet shuffle the dirt as my legs grow weary

and the dust that my heels kick up make my vision unclear.

My next step is hard to see.

I know where I am headed

but can’t seem to figure out the way the get there.

I ask questions but no one answers me.

Silence begins to muffle my thoughts.

So I try again, shuffle, shuffle.

More dirt and now I am covered in dust

I don’t even look the same

and I began to not recognize myself.

The dust fills my lungs and I can no longer breath on my own.

I feel out of control and panicky

so I sit down and stop trying.

Out of frustration I sit.

And then… the dust settles.

I wipe my brow and begin to see the path I was walking.

My feet never wavered from the direction I was heading

and there I find my future interrupting my rest.