Life is weird. I sit in a giant empty church in Orlando, FL as teams around me are preparing for thousands of church planters from around the world to come eagerly through the doors tomorrow. The band is warming up and my heart is beating as hard as the drums ringing in my ears. I am here, among some of the most experienced and known church leaders of my time. I am overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts dancing through my soul. I feel little and big all at the same time.

Let me explain.

LITTLE. Who, how, what, why in the world has God decided to use my little life for His glory? I know me. I know where I come from. I know the broken places within me. And still, he chooses to use me to show others who he is. A picture that I am certain I screw up all the time. I feel ill equipped to lead the way he pushes me to. With 20 years of ministry experience I am so aware of how “little” I really am and how BIG he really is.

BIG. Unshakable. It’s how I feel. Not because of who I am but because of who he is. And because I know him I also know that God can use my life far greater than my little mind can fathom. Because of him I am a giant on this earth. One ready to give all I am for the cause of the cross. My impact and influence can be big because it all comes from him and is for him. He invites me in to be a part of what he is doing.

I sit here in this building where multitudes will respond to God’s call to lead. And I think of the faces of people I know. I think of you. I think… you are little and most of you know it so well! And this wouldn’t be horrible if you chose not to just camp out here. If you could just trust. Trust that God is who he says he is. Listen to his words for your life. And trust. Trust that you are BIG. That God wants to plop you into the middle of the most fulfilling dream come to life. You are part of his plan to bring the people on this planet to himself.

One of my favorite quotes of all time…

“What one man can do another can do.” -Movie, The Edge

A simple reminder that dreams are not just meant to be fulfilled by an elect few, but rather by every person who knows Jesus. By you. By me.

A challenge to us all. Dream, take risks, try, step out, imagine, and do what is stirring inside your soul. You have one little life on this planet…why in the world do it living a safe life and never pursuing your dreams. Work hard, learn everyday, and trust God that he has placed the passions inside of you for a purpose…his purpose.  LET’S DREAM.

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