voiceYou have a voice

Broken battered and torn

you rise from the ashes

and behold there is beauty

to tell others this story

is your God given duty

you were a slave

a captive to things of the dark

you walked in lonely places

and experienced horrible things

but you met a savior

who has given you wings

You have a voice

There is a girl waiting

She is waiting to hear

She is hoping for a cure

A little girl so afraid

So unsure

Open your mouth

Whisper it

Find the words

Say it

Shout, Let it out

It is the hope she has dreamed about

It was him

It IS him

He was born,


bled, died

He was crucified

He came back

He came for her

She is his world

She is his

He fought and he won

And he is the holy son

You can tell her

You have a voice

She is rescued from the cave

No longer a slave to that grave

Find the words somehow

It’s time to speak now.

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