My feet shuffle the dirt as my legs grow weary

and the dust that my heels kick up make my vision unclear.

My next step is hard to see.

I know where I am headed

but can’t seem to figure out the way the get there.

I ask questions but no one answers me.

Silence begins to muffle my thoughts.

So I try again, shuffle, shuffle.

More dirt and now I am covered in dust

I don’t even look the same

and I began to not recognize myself.

The dust fills my lungs and I can no longer breath on my own.

I feel out of control and panicky

so I sit down and stop trying.

Out of frustration I sit.

And then… the dust settles.

I wipe my brow and begin to see the path I was walking.

My feet never wavered from the direction I was heading

and there I find my future interrupting my rest.

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